Testimonial: Our Premarital Counseling Experience

Pastor Bob Douglas’ counseling helped us in many ways.  I, for one, never realized how differently men are “made” than women. For instance, I learned about the things that were most important to my husband-to-be, and no, not just the obvious.  It was about connecting with each other on a deeper level by understanding more about how the other thinks, what each one needs to hear to feel secure and loved, and so much more. You learn that just saying “I love you” isn’t enough.

Then, Bob explains the Biblical standard for marriage; things like who should really “control” what and why it works so much better that way.  We also went through how to have an argument.  Yes, there IS a way to disagree with one another and still respectfully discuss it and work it out.

Basically, I was able to come out of those sessions with a better understanding of how my future husband thinks, feels, and communicates.  Those are lessons I have never forgotten and they enable us to stay close, regardless of the circumstances and to have a more fulfilling relationship.  I would definitely recommend the counseling to all engaged couples!

Rich and Karen Johnson