Freedom from the Fear of Harm

Rule #3: I love you too much to harm you. We are all vulnerable to severe harm on certain issues. They include past mistakes, sensitivities, insecurities, fears or guilt. I won’t subject you to harm by raising these things.

It seems almost too simple; “Don’t hurt each other”.  But when the tempers flare and the anger gets rolling, we need to remember the Rule Number 3.  “I love you too much to harm you in any way!”  For those in abusive relationships, please read our message on abuse.  For the rest of us, please take a moment and consider just how seriously we take that rule.

Harm comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever had a guilty conscience?   Remember that when we feel most vulnerable either by guilt, remorse, grief or regret, we are much more open to harm.  Even a sharp word can inflict terrible pain.  Remember the lessons on the Greatest Fears of Men.  If this man, who has these in-born fears of being unworthy of respect or approval, has just been told that he has lost his job, this would not be a good time to remind him that your mother always thought he would never amount to anything!  While what you say might be true enough, this would not be a great time to remember it!
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A Message About Abuse

This is an unpleasant topic for everyone concerned.  Some people hurt other people.  Sometimes this happens unintentionally and other times it is done will full knowledge and intent.

A Social Contract

When I drive my car, I acknowledge and accept a “social contract” that I will abide by the laws, the rules of the road and the expected behaviors required from a safe driver.  If I break that contract by speeding or reckless driving, I must be penalized.  As painful as that situation is for the person who is being punished, it is impossible for our society to tolerate such bad behavior.  It is just not safe to allow someone who is recklessly ignoring the rules to endanger everyone on the highway.  The worse the offender is, the higher the penalty must be!  The intended goal of all of this effort is to teach that offending person to change their behavior and stop being a danger to themselves and others.

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