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When I was growing up, my grandparents were business people in our small town.Grandparents Because they were in the public view from daylight to dusk, most of their arguments were also public. They had never learned the “where and when” of working out their frustrations… let alone never understanding the “why”. They were constantly picking on each other and yelling was very common. Since most of the people in town knew both of them very well, this common practice of public squabbling was taken by most of their customers with amusement.

I wanted to help those two people I loved and worked with during those years, but there was nothing I could do for them. They lived their entire married lives in constant tension and conflict.

Once I matured, I committed myself to help those that I could reach. I want everyone’s marriage to be better than that. These pages, these lessons, these articles and videos are time-tested tools to make everyone’s marriage stronger. When they are understood and applied, they will help you create a lasting love.

God bless you, Pastor Bob

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