Victory Over Venom

Sin, by definition, is always painful. Sin hurts people. Sin kills and destroys.

In this video Pastor Bob teaches how God steps into a sinful, painful, deadly situation and gives HOPE to people who are dying.

If you need an extra powerful dose of HOPE, listen to how God can turn PAIN into VICTORY!

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There’s Something About That Name

There’s Just Something About That Name from PastorBobDouglas on Vimeo.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, we have been together for a very long time. I was introduced to you as a small child. I needed someone who was strong enough to keep the “bad things” away from me. You were my strong Shepherd that kept me safe.

But, I grew stronger and I needed you less. I pushed you away as I became confident enough that I could take care of myself. It was during those years that I only came running back to you when I had failed and I needed your forgiveness and grace. You washed away my guilt and sorrow, and you sent me back to my life to try again!

Jesus, you came to me again when I was so shaken and unsure that I didn’t know where to turn or what to believe. You came to me as Truth and you gave me a Rock, a Corner Stone to believe in. You gave me a Foundation to build my life upon. You have never failed me, even when the storms were blasting all around me like hurricane Andrew. I could rest in you.

You taught me how to love. You changed my heart and you changed my mind. Jesus, you taught me how to teach as you taught. You opened my eyes and let me see Eternity. That changed me forever. You showed me how to reach out and lay my hand on the hurting people and feel your healing touch flow into their lives. You made the stories from long ago come alive in the hearts, in the bodies, in the lives of people who are alive today. And your Truth, your Grace, and your Love came pouring out again.

Jesus, you made me strong; strong enough to stand when those around me would try to destroy everything. Your strong hand was holding me up to face the challenge without becoming like those who were attacking me. Your courage before your attackers showed me how to stand without needing to counter-attack or self-protect. Your cross became my cross, and instead of being something from which to flee, it became my great joy….my greatest prize.

In these last years, you have been my manna in the desert. You have sent your ravens with bread in their mouths, the flour and oil in the vessel, just enough for the day…each day. You have proved yourself faithful again and again.

What does our future hold? I have no idea. But this much I know; I’m not going anywhere without you, Jesus! You have been my constant companion through my entire life. You will walk with me from here on. Of this I am certain.

Pastor Bob’s testimony

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There’s just something about that name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all Heaven and Earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms
Will all pass away
But there’s something about that Name.

Song lyrics and music by Gloria Gaither.

What are you going to do?

Please DON’T watch this video!  It will jerk your heart out. It will make you cry. It will tear you up…and make you think in ways you have never done before!  This message will change you.  If you don’t want to be a different person than you right NOW…don’t watch this video!

This is a Good Friday Sermon that will touch your heart. from PastorBobDouglas on Vimeo.

Testimonial: Our Premarital Counseling Experience

Pastor Bob Douglas’ counseling helped us in many ways.  I, for one, never realized how differently men are “made” than women. For instance, I learned about the things that were most important to my husband-to-be, and no, not just the obvious.  It was about connecting with each other on a deeper level by understanding more about how the other thinks, what each one needs to hear to feel secure and loved, and so much more. You learn that just saying “I love you” isn’t enough.

Then, Bob explains the Biblical standard for marriage; things like who should really “control” what and why it works so much better that way.  We also went through how to have an argument.  Yes, there IS a way to disagree with one another and still respectfully discuss it and work it out.

Basically, I was able to come out of those sessions with a better understanding of how my future husband thinks, feels, and communicates.  Those are lessons I have never forgotten and they enable us to stay close, regardless of the circumstances and to have a more fulfilling relationship.  I would definitely recommend the counseling to all engaged couples!

Rich and Karen Johnson

The Path to Infidelity – Part 4

This is the fourth lesson in this series and it asks the question, “What happens if you do face infidelity?” Does finding that your spouse was unfaithful mean that you must get a divorce? NO! It means you have a problem to deal with.

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The Path to Infidelity – Part 3

This third lesson in our  four part series is entitled Keeping Inside the Fences. Normal human beings have a healthy fear of intimacy. Intimacy is dangerous and makes us very vulnerable to harm. We have a defensive “fence” around us to keep people away from us who are not our spouses or partners. Think of being in an elevator. If there are only two people in the elevator, where do they stand? They normally stand on the opposite sides of the elevator with plenty of space between them. When the elevator starts to get full of people, there is no longer any space between people. What happens when other people get into our space? We find that people will start to pull their arms up in front of them or stand very rigid and unmoving and unresponsive (like a statue). These automatic responses are the “fences” that keep us apart from people we don’t know. If you are in that same elevator and see two people standing together or even touching each other, you have a pretty good idea that they are partners. They have dropped the fences and allowed that person to live in their personal space.

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The Path to Infidelity – Part 2

This is the second lesson in the series “The Path to Infidelity” which I have entitled How to Lead a Healthy Life. After our discussion in the first lesson, we can now say,  Okay, you are God’s Person. But what does that look like? First of all, if you are married, it means that you are to have a robust, healthy, active sexual relationship with your spouse. That statement may sound trite and simplistic.  It is until you look at it more closely. If you love your spouse, you will want to make that other person the healthiest, strongest and most faithful person they can be. They need your help! Men and women were created to be very different. The temptation is to say, “You were born the way you are, so you must deal with it!” Certainly it is true that you cannot take total responsibility for someone else, but you did take a vow to do your part to help them stay healthy!  The basic concept is that you will spend the rest of your married life learning how your spouse is put together and what it takes to meet their needs.  Nothing will help them more than to have a healthy, robust sexual life.

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The Path to Infidelity – Part 1

You don’t have to be a sport’s superstar, a nationally known political leader or a television celebrity to know that sexual infidelity is disastrous! All you need to see are friends and coworkers, family and classmates, watch the evening news on TV or read the local newspaper, and you will see the “train wreck” that happens when we allow ourselves to have relationships outside of marriage.

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Who Owns Your Emotions?

I told my children as they were growing up, “Don’t give anyone the power to control your emotions!”

How many times have you heard someone say, “That person makes me SO MAD”?  Sometimes it is stated, “As soon as that guy walks into the room he gets me angry.” I have listened to many people use the expression, “He made me blow my top!”  What I challenged my kids to think about was this: Why would you ever give control over your emotions to someone else?

Allowing someone to make you mad simply makes them your superior. In the Navy a superior officer could order you to do certain things, but a person below your own rank did not have that option.  Why would you allow someone who you are having problems with order you around?

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Hope and Love

It is very easy to feel trapped and hopeless. One cannot give or receive love once hope is lost. We simply must not give up when we feel like we are at a dead end. Hope is still an option.

Hope – When you are going through a troubled time from PastorBobDouglas on Vimeo.

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