Mercy-Filled Living

Mercy is not a popular concept.  Jesus received very heavy criticism when he showed mercy during his ministry.  Many people resent those who offer mercy, but mercy is a key to living a life as a follower of Jesus Christ. This Bible study shows how we can live a mercy-filled life as Jesus did. Following […]


Come Worship this Sunday

Pastor Bob will be sharing with the congregation at the Fellowship Church of God on Sunday,  March 27th.  His sermon is entitled, ” I am the way, the truth and the life”  based John 14:6-11. Fellowship Church meets at the Bayshore High School in Bradenton, Florida. The school is located at 5401  34th Street West. Fellowship […]


The Expert On Life

Scroll through the TV Guide on any cable system and you will find hundreds of hours of programming by self-proclaimed experts. You will find diet and exercise experts. There are financial experts that explain how you can make tons of money without any effort.  Almost every channel has either a medical experts or political experts, […]


Strange Christmas Reactions

Parents face lots of challenges; this can be especially so at holiday times or when they have a child who faces challenges of their own.  When you combine both of these situations, it can be extra stressful for everyone.  A parent of a child with Sensory Integration Disorder tries to explain why his child might […]


Parenting Goals

In the rush of day-to-day living we sometimes forget to stop and think about our long term goals. As parents, we are faced with many different roles we could fill. Pastor Bob helps lead parents through the process of finding the best ways to prepare children to live as  independent adults. What are your Goals […]


Parenting as a Single Parent

Life sometimes leaves us in difficult circumstances with big challenges. Being a single parent is one of those challenges.  We have been saying that it takes two people in partnership to live out a healthy relationship for the children to witness. I don’t see being a single parent as a “second class” option or an […]


Parenting Partnership

We, as parents, are basically different people who need to be working in partnership. When we see old western movies where teams of horses were harnessed together, their combined strength was much greater than their individual strength; each pulling separately. The trick is to keep both parents pulling in the same direction. There are times […]



Being a parent is a non-stop event. We face daily challenges, crises and emergencies. Schedules become impossible. Illnesses and injuries catch us off guard and are emotionally (and sometime financially) draining. We face homework, practice sessions, tutors or team meetings and the pressure only gets worse as we move along. This constant pressure often results […]


A Message About Abuse

This is an unpleasant topic for everyone concerned.  Some people hurt other people.  Sometimes this happens unintentionally and other times it is done will full knowledge and intent. A Social Contract When I drive my car, I acknowledge and accept a “social contract” that I will abide by the laws, the rules of the road […]