If you want to enrich your life in a permanent, lasting way, you will never invest your time, energy and resources any better than creating a lasting, loving marriage.  There is no better return on your investment because your marriage lies at the very core of who you are and what you will become.  The dividends spill over into improved relationships with everyone around you: your children and grandchildren, your closest friends, your boss and co-workers, your parents and in-laws.  Even the most frustrating people in your life will seem less troublesome and stressful.

Pastor Bob DouglasPastor Bob Douglas has a Masters of Divinity degree from Findlay, Ohio with an emphasis in counseling.  He has worked with hundreds of couples over his 30 years of ministry.  Over the course of these years he has collected a wealth of information and encouragement on constructing, repairing and renewing lasting, loving relationships.

We believe that the answer to creating a lasting love is found in the examples of Christ’s love, so everything you find here will be based on those Biblical principles. Marriage Help will highlight Pastor Bob’s unique gift of making even complicated issues very easy to understand and directly applicable to you.

MarriageHelp.com is a place where you can come to learn, grow and interact with a trained marriage counselor without the cost of an office visit.  We strongly encourage you to join our site and participate in ongoing conversations with both our readers and Pastor Bob.