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Mercy-Filled Living

Mercy is not a popular concept.  Jesus received very heavy criticism when he showed mercy during his ministry.  Many people resent those who offer mercy, but mercy is a key to living a life as a follower of Jesus Christ. This Bible study shows how we can live a mercy-filled life as Jesus did.

Following Jesus by living Mercifully from PastorBobDouglas on Vimeo.

Come Worship this Sunday

Pastor Bob will be sharing with the congregation at the Fellowship Church of God on Sunday,  March 27th.  His sermon is entitled, ” I am the way, the truth and the life”  based John 14:6-11.

Fellowship Church meets at the Bayshore High School in Bradenton, Florida. The school is located at 5401  34th Street West. Fellowship time is 10:00; Services start at 10:30.

Please join us as we worship together.

Where God Lives

When you pray, do you feel God is far, far away.  Do you feel all alone?  Have you ever wondered where God is when you need him most?  Listen to what I believe about how close God’s kingdom really is.

Where God Lives from PastorBobDouglas on Vimeo.