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Conditional – Unconditional Love

There are two kinds of parental love; conditional and unconditional.  Every child needs to have the unconditional love of their parents and mentors as well as a good healthy dose of conditional love. Parenting is a constant struggle to find the right balance. In my early years as a parent, I would feel like I had gained a pretty good balance and then suddenly things would go spiraling out of control again. It is part of the ebb and flow of how we are coping and how those around us are adjusting to the demands of life.

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Being a parent is a non-stop event. We face daily challenges, crises and emergencies. Schedules become impossible. Illnesses and injuries catch us off guard and are emotionally (and sometime financially) draining. We face homework, practice sessions, tutors or team meetings and the pressure only gets worse as we move along. This constant pressure often results in marital stress and conflict. Arguments and struggles become more manageable and healthy when we set down common goals.

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